Sustainable Multi-family Communities

We are committed to the cause of building sustainable and livable housing for the working people and retirees in the Caribbean. This means a decent home, respectful of the local architecture and culture, and including solar hot water and solar electric systems that can reduce or even eliminate the cost of energy from very tight budgets.

This is made all the more challenging by the fact that we live in a hurricane prone region and also there are generally no public water and sewer facilities available.

Having studied the problem from every angle we have concluded that the most cost effective approach is to bring in modular homes with roofs specifically designed to carry the added weight of solar hot water heaters and laminated solar electric modules sufficient to meet 100% of the household needs. We even include wiring that anticipates the need for a charging station for electric vehicles. In quantities of twenty or more this can be done efficiently and economically.

Come to us with your ideas and we will see what can be done to build your sustainable community.


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