All Rounder Systems started out as a green residential design and construction firm dedicated to controlling costs and disproving the myth that it takes 18 months to build a quality home in the Virgin Islands. In fact our record is 110 days, start to finish, for a 2,100 sf home including a 5.4 KW solar electric system on the roof.

We routinely come in 25%, or more, below the next lowest bid. Our target time to completion is 120 days depending upon the site conditions.

If you are considering a new home we strongly encourage you to contact us as early in the design process as possible. We will be happy to discuss your general concept and available budget. If possible do this before you invest in an architect as it is an all too often scenario that a couple will present us with beautiful plans for a home they can never afford to build. Given the opportunity we can help assure that you can get the maximum house within your budget.


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