In July 2010, when the VI Port Authority landed a $2.8 million grant to build a photovoltaic system at the St. Thomas airport, management was hopeful they might be able to get someone to build a 300 KW system within that budget. All Rounder Systems came in with a 448 KW proposal (since expanded to 451 KW) which was 40% better than the next best bid. This system is producing 700,000 kWh of electricity per year, providing energy savings of approximatelyHighslide JS $1000 per day.

We have also recently installed a 100 KW system at the new
Louis E. Brown community of St. Croix.

With this proven success All Rounder Systems is the unquestioned leader in large alternative energy technology in the region. We are working with the US Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, VI Energy Office, WAPA, condominiums, resorts, and businesses to make solar and wind technologies work for them to stabilize their energy costs for the long term.

With oil over $100 per barrel, island nations must transition to solar and wind energy. This is no longer a dream. Rather, we offer the leading edge technology for renewable energy production, energy storage, as well as financing which makes it possible for a high energy user to move to renewable energy system with no money down. In doing so we offer the opportunity for high energy users to make the switch to renewable sources by simply redirecting the energy dollars they are already spending. Call us today.

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