Cyril E. King Airport, St. Thomas

Highslide JSCompleted September 2011, we provided the design, procurement and construction services for this 452 KW ground mounted photovoltaic array. As it approaches its first full year of service the array is on track to exceed expectations with resulting energy savings to the Virgin Islands Port Authority of $300,000 or more. The installation has also provided valuable data supporting the cost effectiveness of large photovoltaic arrays as a key element of energy cost management in the Caribbean. 

In partnership with Veterans General Contracting of Atlanta, Georgia, we won this competitively bid contract by a wide margin thus providing the people of the Virgin Islands with 40% more electricity for the same money.

Many thanks to the Water and Power Authority (WAPA) for their cooperation with a first of its kind direct intertie to the WAPA distribution grid thus maximizing the efficiency of the project.

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C E Airport Satcom web site.





Louis E. Brown Community Housing May 2012

In association with Caribbean Energy Opportunities, LLC, we provided the design, equipment procurement and construction services for this 100 KW ground mounted photovoltaic system.

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Started September 2010 completed January 2011. In cooperation Highslide JSwith the Architect and general contractor Dion Stout of Tortola, we used a combination of barges and small boats, pick-up trucks, and determined local labor to build a 2000 square foot vacation villa on the famous White Bay beach.

In addition to the logistical challenges of simply getting the materials to the site, dealing with BVI customs and immigration, we endured two named storms, record setting rains, road wash outs, barge breakdowns, and the unavailability of promised excavation equipment.

Nevertheless the house was available for renters just six weeks later than originally planned. 

Estate Mary’s Fancy, St. Croix

Completed October 2010Highslide JS

Challenged to build a three bedroom two bath guest villa and dining pavilion on a very tight budget, we provided the design and construction of the home with an exceptional view of Salt River and the Caribbean to the North.

Numerous value engineering strategies were employed to meet the budget target. 

Estate Green Cay

Completed May 2009

This home was designed and constructed by All Rounder Systems to feature ThermaSteel® brand structural steel insulated panels and Uni-Solar® thin film laminated photovoltaic modules.

The home was constructed in 110 days and was purchased by a family looking for an energy efficient home at an affordable price. The 5.4 KW roof mounted photovoltaic system generates well over 80% of the electricity required.

This saves the owners hundreds of dollars each month.

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